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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

K-Pop, South Korean Entertainers Sex Scandal.

According to a report in the Korea Times, Web sites across China released images this week of popular Korean “entertainers” prostituting themselves to wealthy Chinese. In the image, a man of supposed Chinese origin is shown in his underwear surrounded by “women, in various states of undress,” all looking up at him.

The article notes there are 37 women in total that appear in a series of photos that were reportedly taken without the women’s knowledge. It says that while one Chinese site claims to have identified one of the women, neither the authenticity of the images or the identity of the women in them has been verified. 

“It is doubtful that Korean female entertainers are really engaging in prostitution,” the piece concludes. 

Such claims, however, haven’t stopped Chinese netizens from trying to spot their favorite Korean actress. An article on partially titled, “How many do you recognize” says the images have “exploded” across the Chinese Internet. There are claims that these celebrities are participating in the well-known “casting couch,” which is trading sexual favors for career opportunities. The previous Korean scandal involved Jang Ja-Yeon, whom died at age 29 in 2009 where she had apparently committed suicide when she could no long cope with what was going on. Several reports claimed that she apparently left letters claiming that she had been forced to have sex with more than 30 industry people more than a hundred times. 

Now Tansu make a new research, after our long long hours of research and getting information from a very reliable source, Tansu came to the conclusion that all those accusations from China was not true at all. Tansu spent countless hours watching the same Japanese guy that could not speak Korean pay Korean prostitute. In the more than 30 video clips of 20 minutes, Tansu saw some of the same call girl over and over again. 

There is no Korean female celebrities in the videos. It was rather boring and the guy seems to have some clothes changing fetish, where he would make the girls change into clothes he brought with him. Overall the video leaks have nothing to do with the South Korean entertainment industry and the sources and information pouring out of China was all false accusations.

source: Thanks to WHAT A GENIUS.


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