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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Melanie Amaro Will Spend Her X Factor Winnings on a New House – and Chicken!.

Melanie Amaro Will Spend Her X Factor Winnings on a New House – and Chicken!

A foot massage, a house for her mom – and a lifetime supply of chicken. 

With an hour to think about it, Melanie Amaro has already tallied up her dream purchases with the $5 million she earned Thursday night after being named the The X Factor's first winner. 

"Life will change a lot," she tells PEOPLE. "The most I have ever had before was $200, if I was lucky." 

The college freshman and piano teacher from Sunrise, Fla., plans to buy her mother a new house because, as she deadpans, "The one we live in now sucks." 

But the chicken is for her. "I can't live without it," she says. "It's my favorite food. 

Backstage, Amaro laughed as she recalled the moment she won and how she forgot the lyrics to her final song, "Listen." 

"I couldn't remember any of the words," she says. "I was so overwhelmed; it was such a surprise to me." 

On Thursday, after 40 million votes were tabulated, Amaro, 19, defeated burrito slinger and second place finisher Josh Krajcik, 30, and third place finisher Chris Rene, 28, a former garbage man and recovering addict. 

A Deserving Winner"It was a relief when it was over," says Krajcik, who will return home to Ohio Saturday to "decompress" for a week with his family before returning to Los Angeles next week to get back to work. 

"I felt pride for Melanie and pride for myself," he tells PEOPLE. "She deserved to win; America decided, and she's got an amazing voice." 

Rene, meanwhile, hopes to sign a deal with his mentor L.A. Reid, but for the near term, Rene says he will celebrate the night "with a Red Bull. Everyone who knows my music and my story, a lot more people have accepted me than I thought, and that's really beautiful." 

Amaro is celebrating her win with family and friends – but she's already thinking about that next step: her debut record. 

"I can do ballads," she says, "but I want to show people there is more. I can do anything if I put my mind to it." 

After the show, her mentor, Simon Cowell, was beaming with pride. 

"She was a good contestant because she thought long and hard about how she would interpret songs," says Cowell. "Every week we were discovering something new in her." 

Cowell adds that four labels are interested in signing Amaro – and they plan to make their decision on Friday. 

"America got it right," adds Reid. "My advice to Melanie is save some of that money and don't turn down a song."

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Simon Says: Three More X Factor U.S. Contestants Will Get Sony Record Deals


Looks like X Factor US winner Melanie Amaro will be getting some company at Sony Music!

Simon Cowell confirmed that Josh Krajcik, Chris Rene, and Astro will get their own deals in 2012.

Sony Music has a nice thing going with Simon through Sony's co-owned Syco Music. It will be Syco Music that will promote, record, and market anyone that Simon signs, including these three dudes. Indeed, even though Melanie is Simon's priority, he explained to sources that he would "mad" to let the three male contestants go.

As we previously reported, Astro has already hooked up with X Factor UK's Cher Lloyd on one of her tracks and Rene's Young Home will reportedly drop in January 2012. But what's next for these brightstars? Will any other contestants join them?

Who do U want to see from X Factor US make it big?

P.S. - Just as a refresher, check out performances from all four incredible X Factor artists AFTER THE JUMP

continue reading CLICK:  X FACTOR AND SEE VIDEO.


Friday, February 24, 2012


Choi Sungbong, born 18 February, 1990, in South Korea) is a vocalist who became famous after his appearance on Korea's Got Talent was picked up by the worldwide news media. He finished second in the competition. 

Abandoned in an orphanage at three years old, Choi ran away from the abusive institution when he was five years old, because he was beaten up. Choi sold chewing gum and energy drinks from five years of age. He delivered milk and newspapers in addition to working as a laborer to survive, beginning at age eight. Choi later met a woman who ran the food cart outside of night clubs, who gave him the name Ji-Sung. Choi did not have a name prior to their encounter. She also encouraged Choi to take the Korean equivalent of a GED to complete his elementary and junior high curricula in order to enter high school. Choi tracked his official record with the name Sungbong Choi at the orphanage; however, this was not his given name by his parents. Instead, it was the name given to him at the orphanage; as a result, Choi preferred the name Ji-Sung over Sungbong. 

On 6 June, 2011, Choi's outstanding performance of "Nella Fantasia" moved judges and audience members to tears. Choi took to the stage appearing unfit for the part, sporting a bowl haircut and a flannel shirt. He introduced himself as a manual laborer, who had made a living selling gum and energy drinks for ten years. All the judges, including Kolleen Park, were impressed with his vocal talent. Choi advanced to the finals of the competition, finishing second by 280 votes.

its not about win or lose..but we really knew that music has massive effect to our life...strengthen our spirit..that we should never give up in music is part of life itself...

Nella fantasia io vedo un mondo giusto,
Lì tutti vivono in pace e in onestà.
Io sogno d'anime che sono sempre libere,
Come le nuvole che volano,
Pien' d'umanità in fondo all'anima.

Nella fantasia io vedo un mondo chiaro,
Lì anche la notte è meno oscura.
Io sogno d'anime che sono sempre libere,
Come le nuvole che volano.

Nella fantasia esiste un vento caldo,
Che soffia sulle città, come amico.
Io sogno d'anime che sono sempre libere,
Come le nuvole che volano,
Pien' d'umanità in fondo all'anima

Monday, February 20, 2012

Kolleen Park turns out to have been Rain’s first vocal training teacher.

Rain, a globally well-known singer and actor, tweeted a link to a photo of himself taken with Kolleen Park, a popular music director, with the comment that she was his first vocal-training teacher. This is his first time to see her in 12 years.

In the photo, they look very friendly, with Rain’s hand put on her shoulder. He wanted to convey his personal appreciation to her for training him hard 12 years ago. Fans who have seen the photo responded: “We didn’t know of the old bond between you two.” “That’s why Rain has grown up to be such a good singer.” “It’s very moving to see you two meeting again after 12 years.”

Friday, February 17, 2012


salamat sa iyo para sa pagbabasa ang aking N3,

I was quite happy with Whitney Houston songs ever since. In search of her hits songs and among them "1 will alway love you" and I have nothing. A great singer though vocal, diva Whitney Houston we will forever love you.

I met this amazing girl, she is so talented. Charice from the Philippines. she is her great vocals most of the her songs is mind blowing. 

Congratulation! Charice because your amazing vocal is so fantastic.  Hope one day you will become Asia Diva. May god bless you and Whitney. 


Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Having picked up a prize of $250,000 with his spectacular win in the latest Australia's Got Talent, 14 year old Jack Vidgen has been revealing how he plans to spend some of the money.

A new Audi is on the cards- for Mum ( Jack has 2 more years to go before he gets his P plates) but Jack also wants to donate to charity and he has heart set on Youth Of The Streets, YOTS the charity started and run by Catholic priest Father Chris Riley . YOTS provides services to assist homeless and disadvantaged, abused and neglected youth.

And Jack joins some high profile names- actor Eric Bana is the charities patron and publisher Matt Handbury, nephew of Rupert Murdoch has been a patron of YOTS for decades. Handbury donated a farm to YOTS in NSW to be used as a rural retreat for deprived city kids.

It's music like this that makes me feel life's worth living!


Share my life,
Take me for what I am.
'Cause I'll never change
All my colors for you.

Take my love,
I'll never ask for too much,
Just all that you are
And everything that you do.

I don't really need to look
Very much further/farther,
I don't want to have to go
Where you don't follow.
I will hold it back again,
This passion inside.
Can't run from myself,
There's nowhere to hide.
(Your love I'll remember forever.)


Don't make me close one more door,
I don't want to hurt anymore.
Stay in my arms if you dare,
Or must I imagine you there.
Don't walk away from me.
(No, don't walk away from me. Don't 
you dare walk away from me.)
I have nothing, nothing, nothing
If I don't have you, you (you, you, 
you./If I don't have you, oh, oo.)

You see through,
Right to the heart of me.
You break down my walls
With the strength of your love.

I never knew
Love like I've known it with you.
Will a memory survive,
One I can hold on to?

I don't really need to look
Very much further/farther,
I don't want to have to go
Where you don't follow.
I will hold it back again,
This passion inside.
Can't run from myself,
There's nowhere to hide.
(Your love I'll remember forever.)

[Chorus: x2]

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Whitney Houston Dead: Pastor Is Heartbroken.

Whitney Houston's death is affecting people all over the world. From those who were her biggest fans to people who knew her personally, millions were saddened to hear of her passing over the weekend. The pastor from the church she attended back in her home state of New Jersey is also mourning her loss and shared some memories of her during his mass sermon on Sunday.

"Our hearts are broken. How saddened we are at the death of one of the greatest voices of the modern age. I'll never forget her right here standing at the New Hope Church, hearing her sing, 'He Would Not Come Down,' hearing her sing the praises of Jesus Christ," said pastor Joe A. Carter during Sunday's mass at the New Hope Baptist Church in Newark, N.J.

What amazing memories pastor Joe must have of the incomparable Whitney Houston. She was devoted to the church and her voice touched so many people—even when singing from the pews with other parishioners. It's nice to hear that she wasn't forgotten at the Sunday mass that she used to attend.

There is something uplifting about pastor Joe's words. You get a sense that Whitney belonged in a world that worked against her in so many ways.

Whitney Houston Cause of Death Was 'Drugs and Show Business' Says Celine Dion

Whitney Houston died suddenly over the weekend, leaving the world wondering the cause. Many people have their own opinions about the tragedy, many believing that drugs were the ultimate reason that Whitney was taken from this earth so soon. Even celebrities are sharing their opinions of what happened to Houston, the latest being Celine Dion.

"It's just really unfortunate that drugs, bad people, bad influences took over her dreams, her motherhood... What happens when you have everything? Love, support, motherhood... Something happens that I don't understand. That's why I'm scared of show business, of drugs and hanging out. That's why I don't go to parties," Dion said while talking via phone on Good Morning America.

Do you think that Celine Dion is right? Was Whitney Houston simply overwhelmed by the stresses of Hollywood? There are a lot of people who feel this way. Whitney's death was not only unfortunate but also absolutely tragic. Perhaps she did get mixed up with the wrong people or took a few wrong steps in her life, but she seemed to want to get better. But a higher power had different plans for her. Perhaps Celina Dion is right. Something unexplainable happens when you have it all.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Susan Boyle’s Story.

January 21st 2009 is not a date that Susan Boyle is ever likely to forget. ‘I will never forget it,’ she clarifies, in her unmistakeably Scottish brogue. It was the day that the shy, devout 48 year old stepped onto the stage of the Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre in Glasgow for an audition on Britain’s Got Talent. Or to put it another way, the day her world turned 180 degrees on its head. In front of the three-strong panel of judges charged with divining which of this year’s British hopefuls really did have talent, the singing voice of Susan Boyle turned out to be a watershed moment neither she nor anyone involved in the show could possibly have foreseen. It is now both her and the show’s defining moment.

In her own haphazard fashion, during three and a half minutes of television airtime, later aired to slack-jawed intakes of breath in May of this year, Susan Boyle fashioned a new kind of fame. She elicited a moment of pure, molten zeitgeist. She broke every rule of the talent show book and tore up a considerable number of the pages of popular music marketing into the bargain. She symbolized an astonishing variety of the little-people’s revenge, quite by accident. Ms Boyle describes her own astonishing 2009 in refreshingly frank and simple terms. ‘All I did was to apply for a talent show. I was lucky enough to be chosen. That’s it in a nutshell.’ But something deeper was going on in the collective public consciousness. If the two watchwords of the 21st century have been ‘reality’ and ‘celebrity’, Susan Boyle had accidentally located a brand new point on the graph where they both intersected. One of Britain’s forgotten characters had rarely, if ever, been so memorable.

After her one audition for Britain’s Got Talent, in which she confounded the judges, the audience and then anyone with access to Youtube’s expectations by dazzling her way through a version of the song I Dreamed A Dream, from the musical Les Miserables, a tornado of opinionated column inches, speculation, rumination and conjecture around Susan Boyle grew feverishly. 300 Million You Tube hits and counting. She became the subject of op-ed newspaper columns, a front cover sensation in her own right. This unlikely candidate for the melting pot of the new star machine in 21st century Britain caused computer crashes, miles of newsprint and the sophisticated approval of Hollywood’s well-heeled and super-groomed A-list. Though the content differed wildly, everyone proffering their thoughts on the self-confessed ‘wee wifey’ seemed agreed on one point. That in 2009, to be free of an opinion on Susan Boyle was to be free of opinion itself.

For one brief moment, vanity itself collapsed. As that ancient old maxim – ‘Never judge a book by its cover’ – clanked around the globe with speedy viral intensity, it was as if the world was about to offer its first unspoken apology for prizing beauty above all else. Perhaps it would temporarily forget its grotesquely accentuated new heights of judgement. Or perhaps Susan Boyle was just a fleeting icon by which a microscope was shone on our more fickle presumptions. Whatever history gifts the Susan Boyle story in the long term, it is now her time to prove that there is more to this incredible woman than being the symbol for a moment of international reflection. She will do it in the exact same way she entered our consciousness in the first place. With the raw combination of strength and fragility, beauty and solitude that is her singing voice.

In some ways, Ms Boyle’s story is just the same as any woman with a voice in any choir up and down the UK. In her home town of Blackburn, she had been schooled in singing in churches and choral societies. She says now that, as a shy young woman with some learning difficulties, being hidden in the blanket of a collective singing arrangement offered her comfort. So in one other, crucial way, her story is entirely her own. The most unlikely chorister in the sea of voices stepped out of line and put her head above the parapet to be noticed. For Susan Boyle, though she would never deign to say so much herself, this was an act of personal heroism, the like of which she had never contemplated before.

The speed with which reaction to her performance picked up gravitas proved an incendiary media hotbed. But it was most surprising for the woman at the centre of it. ‘It started off with the [Scottish newspaper] Daily Record visiting my door. And it ended up with TV stations from all over the world camping out on my street waiting for interviews and stories. I’d peek behind the curtains in the house, saying ‘what in God’s name is going on here?’ Then the phone calls started. My number was still in the book at that particular time, so anybody could get it and the phone was ringing 24 hours a day. It was constant. People were ringing me who I couldn’t understand because of their accents. All sorts of nationalities. Lots of Americans. It was absolutely unbelievable if I’m being honest.’ She is self-deprecating about why she should have caused such a furore. ‘A woman who went on with mad hair, bushy eyebrows and the frock I was wearing had to be noticed. Come on!’

Such is the quick nature of today’s star system, in September, just four months after her TV debut, Susan Boyle made her live TV comeback. She performed a rarefied take on The Rolling Stones Wild Horses, re-orchestrated to gently clasp the exact timbre of her natural talent, on the show’s US cousin, America’s Got Talent. An unprompted standing ovation followed. Outside of the unruly cyclone of her fame, there is something within the voice of Susan Boyle that is absolutely perfect for our times. At a moment when Dame Vera Lynn and Barbra Streisand are topping the album charts, there is something peculiarly modern about her improbably status as holding the international record for most pre-ordered album of all time. As the dust settles on the sheer wattage of conversation that she has prompted, it is time – as they say – to face the music.

Ms Boyle’s debut album was put together during the summer of this year. She first entered a recording studio in July, to test how her vocals would respond to tape. The results shocked both her and veteran producer Steve Mac. Decamping to London, she fashioned the record over two months, picking songs that resonated with her, that pricked something within that she felt ready to unleash through music. ‘It was important that I could feel everything I was singing,’ she says, cutting straight to the core of why music can be such a useful release, an escape valve from the everyday.

A disarming mix of the sacred (‘My faith is my backbone,’ she says) and the secular, there is not a moment on it that is not moving. It is pitched exactly within the framework of the year she has enjoyed and, at well-documented times, endured. It is a collection of covers and original material that cuts a swathe into the interior life of the woman who is arguably the most intriguing, not to mention instantly recognisable character yet to be produced by the reality talent medium, the decade’s defining TV genre.

When she hurts, it hurts. Her rousing rendition of Madonna’s You’ll See is a riposte to the children that picked on her in the playground. The new composition Who I Was Born To Be is an astonishing testament to self-belief against some startling odds. Yet when she dreams, we dream too. Because of her uncanny knack of picking a song so perfect for her tale at that very first audition, Ms Boyle has become synonymous with the word ‘dream’. Her flawless album rendition of I Dreamed A Dream may come as no surprise, but it still manages to pick every individual hair from the back of your neck and yank them to attention. A country ballad version of Daydream Believer delicately seals the deal of her being synonymous with the concept of dreaming.

For this is Susan Boyle’s tale. The fearlessness to dream about something other than the lot life has handed you. The chance to escape. The pivotal role of music as a conduit to go to another place, sometimes lodged at the outer recesses of your imagination, and to allow that new place to blossom. Yes, this is Susan Boyle’s tale. It is why it connected with so many unsuspecting people across the world. In another nutshell? If she can dare to dream, so can you.

Chunky Chinese Kid Sings Better than Whitney Houston! - I Will Always Love You by Lin Yu Chun


Competitor Lin Yu Chun blew away judges on the Taiwanese singing show 'Super Star Avenue' with his version of Whitney Houston's "I Will Always Love You."

He won the $1M prize for his performance and a recording contract and has become a YouTube sensation.

British papers have even crowned him the next Susan Boyle.

Inside or outside the hotel where Houston died, the famous and the fans mourn.

Beverly Hills, California (CNN) -- Whether inside or outside the Beverly Hilton hotel where singer Whitney Houston died Saturday afternoon, the grief and shock were the same.

Whitney Houston was found dead in her room at the Beverly Hilton in California on Saturday, February 12

They were just expressed differently -- by the famous indoors and by the everyday fan outdoors.

Inside the hotel that occupies a full block, the music industry's biggest names gathered in elegant attire for an annual pre-Grammy party that had been long planned by Houston's mentor, Clive Davis.

But a party just didn't seem right, participants said as they walked down the red carpet.

Some, like songwriter David Foster, thought twice about attending a gala at the same hotel where 48-year-old Houston died in her room just hours earlier.

"We debated whether to come tonight and we realized it was going to continue and it was going to be a memorial," Foster said.

"It's just shocking," he said of the death.

When the party started, legend Tony Bennett listed the names of great entertainments who recently died: Michael Jackson, Amy Winehouse, and now "the magnificent Whitney Houston," he said.

Bennett then made a well-understood reference to Houston's past problems with drugs, and he called on "everyone to get our government to legalize drugs" so persons don't have to get it from "gangs" under the table, he said.

The country needs to "legalize drugs like they did in Amsterdam," Bennett added.

He then sang "How Do You Keep the Music Playing" and received a standing ovation with the last line: "Hope the music never ends."

Davis opened his remarks about the "unspeakably tragic news of our beloved Whitney's passing." Davis has long hosted a party the day before the Grammy Awards, the music industry's most celebrated event.

"I do have a heavy heart, and I am personally devastated by someone so close to me for so many years," Davis told the gathering of artists and entertainers.

"My heart goes out to her daughter Bobbi Kristina and her mother, Cissy," Davis said.

Houston's mentor then asked for a moment of silence, saying, "We dedicate this evening to her."

Outside, as a coastal chill settled over people who gathered until the small hours of Sunday morning, fans and media flocked to two places: the front and back entrances of the sprawling hotel complex. In between, they laid roses and flickering candles.

At the front entrance, a Beverly Hills police officer pushed back mourners and journalists from the entryway and said that they had to stand on the public sidewalk, pointing to the line dividing public space and private property.

Many of the 100 persons carried the flame of a candle. Singing accompanied the vigil, including such Houston standards as "The Greatest Love of All."

One singer, Pepper Mashay, who met Houston once about 10 years ago, started singing "My Love is Your Love" in memory of Houston. Mourners, as well as journalists, immediately started recording video of the sidewalk performance on their cameras or smart phones.

Mashay remarked how Houston struggled with drug problems.

"Pain -- they're carrying a lot of pain," Mashay said about Houston's drug woes. "It could be relationships from the past. All we can say is that she's at peace now."

Then Mashay added, remembering that Houston has a teenaged daughter: "There's a teenager out here who's lost her mother."

But it was at the back of the hotel -- at the service entrance -- where the largest group of fans, mourners, media and paparazzi gathered. About 200 persons assembled on the ficus-tree-lined sidewalk.

Everyone was waiting for whether Houston's body was going to taken away by authorities through the service door. A police vehicle marked "Crime Lab" was parked at the door, also joined by a large truck marked "rental" -- which conveniently shielded off spectators from the best view of the entrance.

The rear door was also being used by artists such as Tony Bennett and Jennifer Hudson attending Davis' party. The entertainers apparently were seeking to avoid the public, but it hardly worked Saturday night.

At one point, a woman in the crowd shouted: "Alicia!" as singer Alicia Keys walked by.

The throng surged. Paparazzi and fans with cameras pushed the hardest to get to the front of the line, where the public sidewalk met the private driveway.

Keys entered the back of the hotel, and then the pack of spectators eased and resumed friendly conversation in the cool night air beside the seven-foot tall bushes.

Some fans wept, as they played Houston's music videos on their smartphones.

One fan, Tya Conerly, 31, just had to stop by the hotel, even tough she, her girlfriend and Conerly's daughter should have been making the two-hour drive back home to San Diego.

Conerly's daughter, Isreal, turned 11 years old on Saturday, and the group of three drove to Los Angeles to do some shopping and have a celebratory dinner for Isreal's birthday. It was also a celebration of Conerly's 31st birthday on Friday.

But when Conerly's girlfriend, Crystal James, 26, received a phone call from her father saying that Houston had died, none of the three could believe it.

Conerly thought it was another Twitter rumor of a celebrity's death, and she used her phone to check it out the information.

She found that Houston had indeed died -- at the Beverly Hilton.

The day become a birthday that Isreal will never forget, she said.

So the two women and girl visited the hotel -- and decided to join the crowd at the back door, wondering when the coroner or police would remove Houston's body.

Source: CNN NEWS

"We just wanted to come by and show some support," Conerly said under a towering ficus tree by the rear driveway.

"It's just so sad," she added.

Then she referred to Houston's history of drug abuse.

"Everyone has their own demons, and some overcome them and some never do," Conerly stated. "Sometimes life gets the best of us."

Wednesday, February 8, 2012



-2AM interview-
Q. Did 2PM give you any piece of advice about Japanese debut?
Seulong: Yes, they gave us a lot of advice because they have already gone through the way we are now going. It’s been very helpful because they advised us on what to do and how to do in Japan. It also gives us power and we can work harder.
Changmin: I think the schedule is really hectic.
Kwon: Today, Wooyoung told me “Gambatte- kudasai (=Good luck)”

-2PM interview-
Q. Do you have any piece of advice for 2AM?
Taecyeon: Since we are likely to have a very tight schedule in Japan, I just told them “Good luck, you can do it”, it’s not really a piece of advice though.
Junho: We, 2PM are also a new group in Japan, so I told them that each of us has to work hard.

Q. What do you think is 2AM’s good point?
Chansung: The harmony they make is just fabulous.
Junho: They have good personality.
Junsu: And they are funny and unique, right?
Junho: Above all. 2AM is very close with 2PM. We are like brothers.

Q. So you all have good relationship with 2AM members?
2PM: Of course.
Taecyeon: We always stay in touch. Although we are very busy and cannot see each other often, we talk a lot and joke around when we have time together.
Chansung: We all like working out, so we often bump into each other at gym.
Junho: Sometimes I call and ask them to get together.

Q. What is 2PM for you?
Kwon: It’s the best performance group, and 2AM’s brothers.
Seulong: They are so free-spirited.
Kwon: 2PM’s stage performance is the coolest one in Korea.

Q. How is the relationship with 2PM members?
Seulong: We often go out for dinner, movies and shopping. They are good friends to spend time with.

Q. What do you think about “Hot Blood” now?
Kwon: The shooting was terribly hard.
Seulong: He lost consciousness once.
Kwon: We had army training, as we had to wake up early for running. There was a competition too. The rules were so strict and only the winners could get their meals. There was this training to hold a huge boat above our heads and run. Only I was on the boat because I fainted on that day. I was so sorry about that.
Jinwoon: We had to pick the one who got hurt and let him be on the boat, so we let Kwon be on the boat. 

Kwon: We are finally coming to Japan to make our debut. We are working so hard for the Japanese debut, so please give us your warm support.
Seulong: We worked hard and got prepared for those who waited for us to come. We will show you better stages. Thank you very much.
Jinwoon: I love you!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

TVXQ’s Yunho visits Rain in the army.

Recently, TVXQ‘s Yunho paid a visit to his sunbae Rain, who is currently serving in the army.

An online community board shared this photo of the two stars and an unidentified third person. Rain’s fans were happy to see that their favorite star was looking well, and expressed gratitude towards Yunho for paying a visit despite his busy schedule.

As for Yunho, it looks like he got a new hairstyle; he grew out his hair and dyed it a caramel blond color.

Netizens commented, “Yunho has loyalty”, “It’s so cute to see a soldier holding up a peace sign”, and “I hope to see more celebrities visit their sunbae soon!”

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