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Friday, February 24, 2012


Choi Sungbong, born 18 February, 1990, in South Korea) is a vocalist who became famous after his appearance on Korea's Got Talent was picked up by the worldwide news media. He finished second in the competition. 

Abandoned in an orphanage at three years old, Choi ran away from the abusive institution when he was five years old, because he was beaten up. Choi sold chewing gum and energy drinks from five years of age. He delivered milk and newspapers in addition to working as a laborer to survive, beginning at age eight. Choi later met a woman who ran the food cart outside of night clubs, who gave him the name Ji-Sung. Choi did not have a name prior to their encounter. She also encouraged Choi to take the Korean equivalent of a GED to complete his elementary and junior high curricula in order to enter high school. Choi tracked his official record with the name Sungbong Choi at the orphanage; however, this was not his given name by his parents. Instead, it was the name given to him at the orphanage; as a result, Choi preferred the name Ji-Sung over Sungbong. 

On 6 June, 2011, Choi's outstanding performance of "Nella Fantasia" moved judges and audience members to tears. Choi took to the stage appearing unfit for the part, sporting a bowl haircut and a flannel shirt. He introduced himself as a manual laborer, who had made a living selling gum and energy drinks for ten years. All the judges, including Kolleen Park, were impressed with his vocal talent. Choi advanced to the finals of the competition, finishing second by 280 votes.

its not about win or lose..but we really knew that music has massive effect to our life...strengthen our spirit..that we should never give up in music is part of life itself...

Nella fantasia io vedo un mondo giusto,
Lì tutti vivono in pace e in onestà.
Io sogno d'anime che sono sempre libere,
Come le nuvole che volano,
Pien' d'umanità in fondo all'anima.

Nella fantasia io vedo un mondo chiaro,
Lì anche la notte è meno oscura.
Io sogno d'anime che sono sempre libere,
Come le nuvole che volano.

Nella fantasia esiste un vento caldo,
Che soffia sulle città, come amico.
Io sogno d'anime che sono sempre libere,
Come le nuvole che volano,
Pien' d'umanità in fondo all'anima


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