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Wednesday, February 8, 2012



-2AM interview-
Q. Did 2PM give you any piece of advice about Japanese debut?
Seulong: Yes, they gave us a lot of advice because they have already gone through the way we are now going. It’s been very helpful because they advised us on what to do and how to do in Japan. It also gives us power and we can work harder.
Changmin: I think the schedule is really hectic.
Kwon: Today, Wooyoung told me “Gambatte- kudasai (=Good luck)”

-2PM interview-
Q. Do you have any piece of advice for 2AM?
Taecyeon: Since we are likely to have a very tight schedule in Japan, I just told them “Good luck, you can do it”, it’s not really a piece of advice though.
Junho: We, 2PM are also a new group in Japan, so I told them that each of us has to work hard.

Q. What do you think is 2AM’s good point?
Chansung: The harmony they make is just fabulous.
Junho: They have good personality.
Junsu: And they are funny and unique, right?
Junho: Above all. 2AM is very close with 2PM. We are like brothers.

Q. So you all have good relationship with 2AM members?
2PM: Of course.
Taecyeon: We always stay in touch. Although we are very busy and cannot see each other often, we talk a lot and joke around when we have time together.
Chansung: We all like working out, so we often bump into each other at gym.
Junho: Sometimes I call and ask them to get together.

Q. What is 2PM for you?
Kwon: It’s the best performance group, and 2AM’s brothers.
Seulong: They are so free-spirited.
Kwon: 2PM’s stage performance is the coolest one in Korea.

Q. How is the relationship with 2PM members?
Seulong: We often go out for dinner, movies and shopping. They are good friends to spend time with.

Q. What do you think about “Hot Blood” now?
Kwon: The shooting was terribly hard.
Seulong: He lost consciousness once.
Kwon: We had army training, as we had to wake up early for running. There was a competition too. The rules were so strict and only the winners could get their meals. There was this training to hold a huge boat above our heads and run. Only I was on the boat because I fainted on that day. I was so sorry about that.
Jinwoon: We had to pick the one who got hurt and let him be on the boat, so we let Kwon be on the boat. 

Kwon: We are finally coming to Japan to make our debut. We are working so hard for the Japanese debut, so please give us your warm support.
Seulong: We worked hard and got prepared for those who waited for us to come. We will show you better stages. Thank you very much.
Jinwoon: I love you!


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