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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Whitney Houston Dead: Pastor Is Heartbroken.

Whitney Houston's death is affecting people all over the world. From those who were her biggest fans to people who knew her personally, millions were saddened to hear of her passing over the weekend. The pastor from the church she attended back in her home state of New Jersey is also mourning her loss and shared some memories of her during his mass sermon on Sunday.

"Our hearts are broken. How saddened we are at the death of one of the greatest voices of the modern age. I'll never forget her right here standing at the New Hope Church, hearing her sing, 'He Would Not Come Down,' hearing her sing the praises of Jesus Christ," said pastor Joe A. Carter during Sunday's mass at the New Hope Baptist Church in Newark, N.J.

What amazing memories pastor Joe must have of the incomparable Whitney Houston. She was devoted to the church and her voice touched so many people—even when singing from the pews with other parishioners. It's nice to hear that she wasn't forgotten at the Sunday mass that she used to attend.

There is something uplifting about pastor Joe's words. You get a sense that Whitney belonged in a world that worked against her in so many ways.


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